Feel Good About Looking Good

John Masters Organics provides the finest in luxury organic beauty products to customers around the world. Founded by visionary stylist John Masters in his Soho, New York salon, John Masters Organics is synonymous with premium quality, earth-friendly botanical ingredients and the ultimate in professional salon-level results. Each and every product is painstakingly crafted to let you “feel good about looking good.”

Our Founder

A Niagara Falls, NY native, John Masters’s career as a top stylist skyrocketed in the 1970s, with widespread recognition in fashion and celebrity circles. But as his dedication to organics grew in his personal life, he began to realize the perils posed by inhaling and handling harsh chemicals in the salon day after day. He became committed to creating a toxin-free salon environment, and renounced the use of toxic chemicals to open Manhattan’s first “clean-air” salon to wide acclaim.

He also began extensive research and testing of essential oils, plant extracts and other botanical ingredients to produce his first organic haircare products in 1991. “Caring about yourself and caring about the earth don’t have to be mutually exclusive,” John says, “We only get one body and we only get one planet. Why not treat them both with the utmost care?” His singular dedication to professional salon-quality performance in products crafted with care and respect for the Earth has blossomed into a full line of incomparable hair, skin, and body products.

Super Natural Beauty

Today John Masters Organics is sold around the world, and is recognized as the pioneering producer of luxury organic beauty. Through partnerships with farmers and harvesters of organic and wild-crafted ingredients, and dedication to using 100% recyclable packaging and earth-friendly production methods, John Masters Organics produces the ultimate in “guilt-free luxury”. That commitment to seeking the highest standards of quality, performance, and organic certification is how John Masters Organics brings super natural beauty to you.


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