We Are


Our Purpose

We were born from a belief that beauty products should encourage well being, not compromise it. This belief lies at the foundation of our brand today. Nature is and always will be our greatest resource for helping you look and feel your very best. 

Our Mission

By combining real ingredients with decades of beauty expertise and forward-thinking innovation, we help you discover and celebrate your own definition of beauty. 

Our Vision

We recognize beautiful as a state of being, equal parts mind and body, and unique to each person. We want to shift the conversation away from conventional beauty standards toward our vision of Perfectly Natural, which includes our ingredients, products, community, and wellness way of life.

Our Values

Holistic Wellness

Think beyond beauty, we’re about happy, healthy living

Authentic Purpose

We’re true to our roots and stick with what works even when innovating

Timeless Style

Simple, elegant, and appropriate for any occasion 

Meaningful Information

No fluff, just facts focused on what matters most

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