Why Organic?

Our products are composed of at least 70% organic content.*

Most of these ingredients are nature’s cure-alls: Rose water, honey, and avocado,
to name just a few of the 200+ organic ingredients we use in our products.

But the question remains…why does organic matter?

* excluding water and salt

We believe nature is the best source for making high-performance products.

Using ingredients you recognize—lavender, rosemary, pomegranate, for example—pays homage to John’s early kitchen chemistry, when he shopped at his local farmers’ market and spice shop to create his first products. Many of these ingredients have been used as tried and true remedies by cultures around the world, generation after generation.

We take these ingredients seriously and choose the organic form whenever possible.

Because organic is the purest form of any ingredient that you can find. Its performance is at its highest in its natural state. It contains all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that it possibly can.

Consider a rose, one of our hero ingredients. As it grows, traditional farming splashes it with chemicals to make it grow faster or bigger. The organic rose—our rose—is left pure and uncompromised, allowed to reach its full potential, to soak up every bit of nutrients from the raw, untouched soil. And we deliver that potent concentration to you in our products. 

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