The Greens You Never Knew You Needed

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Spring is in the air, Earth Day is upon us & we’ve got nature on the mind. Nature is our greatest resource for clean, authentic beauty. It’s our muse. Our guide. Its raw, organic ingredients nourish our bodies and fuel our formulas. In honor of Mother Nature and all the inspiration she provides, we’re serving up some of our products’ most powerful greens. They deliver your daily dose of the good stuff—no smoothie or juice required—to leave you looking and feeling healthy from head to toe.   


This blue-green algae, found in our Firming Eye Gel, is rich in essential fatty acids to nourish skin. It’s mineral-rich nutrients also help hydrate and reduce inflammation, helping pack serious anti-aging punch. With iron, calcium, magnesium, and various vitamins, spirulina is also considered a complete protein. Get all the amino acids your body can’t produce on its own by adding some to your next meal.  


As ancient as they come, this plant has been a mainstay in herbal remedies for centuries. Its claim to fame? Silica. It helps strengthen bones, nails, and hair. To tresses, it also adds shine, improves texture, and helps promote growth thanks to its selenium content. Try our Hair Mask for Normal Hair with Rose & Apricot to reap the benefits.


We’ll take this fruit sliced, smashed, or spread on just about anything…including our hair. In our Conditioner for Dry Hair with Lavender & Avocado, its naturally moisturize and revive damaged strands. But let’s not forget its other yummy facts. Its high in heart-healthy fats and contains over 20 vitamins and minerals—including more potassium than a banana. 


Seaweed’s slimy appearance hides surprising beauty perks. Its ultra-hydrating, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory powers leave the complexion glowing and fresh. Plus, its anti-bacterial properties, harnessed in our Bearberry Skin Balancing & Toning Mist, help fight acne. When added to your diet, seaweed is also an amazing source calcium, beating milk seven times over.


The gentler, milder sister of peppermint, spearmint contains the same scalp-stimulating, anti-fungal ingredient (menthol) to help boost blood and oxygen circulation to follicles. Healthy scalp—healthier, stronger hair. Find it in our Spearmint & Meadowsweet Scalp-Stimulating Shampoo, and add fresh spearmint leaves to your tea to ease digestion.

The next time you’re in need of greens, get your fill from these nutrient-dense options. They smell delicious, too.

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