The Ultimate Guide to Vegan and Sustainable baby products

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One of the biggest eco awakening moments in a person’s life is when they are about to become a parent. Suddenly, your baby’s health and safety matter so much more. Hence, John Masters Organics has a mission to make natural, eco-friendly and healthy baby products. With organic and natural ingredients, the new Baby Care Line is mainly protecting sensitive skin of newborn babies and offering gentle cleansing and moisturizing for daily, so to help your newborn grow uo healthy!

Baby Hair And Body Wash With Bergamot & Chamomile

Our baby wash focus on washing while moisturizing and protecting the baby’s skin. It contains trehalose, a moisturizing ingredient based on aloe vera juice with plenty of moisture. Using carefully selected cleaning ingredients, it is gentler than the ones we use for ourselves as their skin is very delicate and tends to be more on the sensitive side. It also gives a fresh scent of citrus.

Baby Lotion With Bergamot & Clary Sage

It blends 3 kinds of plant oil and aloe vera juice to balance moisture and oil content in dry skin. It is easy to blend into the entire body of baby, and it is recommended for daily whole body care. With a milky and light texture that does not stick, it can be used for the all season.

Baby Cream With Mandarin Orange & Chamomile

Soft, stretchy and can be applied without stressing on the delicate skin of babies. Four kinds of moisturizing ingredients derived from plants protecting the skin from dryness and keep moisture without stickiness. It is also recommended for moisturizing care of hands and face when going out. It gives a relaxing scent such as lavender and chamomile.

Baby Balm With Lavender & Chamomile

A moisturizing multi-balm that can be used throughout the body and containing plenty of cocoa fat that melts gently at 32 °c or higher.  By devising the blending balance of cocoa fat and beeswax, which is a protective ingredient, it adheres tightly to the skin without sticking. It is hard to remove even by rubbing the baby's face and wiping off at mealtimes, and moisture lasts. It is also recommend for adult multi-balm.

Baby Hair Brush

Our baby hair brush is made of biodegradable artificial hair from corn fiber and a smooth natural wood. The touch is soft and comfortable. It is a brush perfect for baby daily brushing with a gentle feeling. Baby hair becomes shiny after use.

Find the best cruelty-free and vegan hair products for your babies and start experiencing vegan life from the beginning.

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