Mama STM Oil With Neroli & Citrus
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A moisturizing oil that treats the body before and after pregnancy, rich almond oil treats the undulating skin of pregnancy. Orange blossom helps to relax nervous tension, while lemon helps to increase metabolism, reduce swelling, increase blood circulation, and effectively fade stretch marks. Organic vegetable oil moisturizes and imparts firmness to the skin, and it can be used not only for pregnant women, but also for women's body care.
* Massage for about one minute, do not over massage

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  • Benefits


    95% or more natural content 

    Approved by COSMetic Organic Standard


    Moisturizes and gives skin firmness and flexibility.
    Oil that cares for the body before and after pregnancy.

  • Ingredients

    Featured Ingredients

    Canina rose fruit oil - Leaves skin firm and smooth

    Cranberry seed oil - Protects skin, gives firmness & moisture

    Pomegranate seed Oil - it gives moisture and firmness to skin that is worried about age

    Squalene - Replenishes oil

    Ingredient List

    sunflower seed oil, almond oil*, caninabara fruit oil*, cranberry seed oil*, pomegranate seed oil*, squalane, bitter orange flower oil*, lemon peel oil*, orange peel oil*, nuukoju oil*, tocopherol
    (*is an organic ingredient)

  • How To Use


    Massage the appropriate amount to the stomach, chest, thighs and butt.

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