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Daily Nourishing Shampoo with Citrus & Geranium

Daily Nourishing Shampoo with Citrus & Geranium
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A shampoo for organic beginners who enjoys the best foaming feeling. Considering the delicate hair of Asia people, the amino acid-based cleansing ingredients derived from coconut oil, which are gentle on the hair, are blended with naturally derived ingredients that support foaming and foam retention. We have realized a rich cushion foam that reduces damage caused by entanglement and squeaks when washing hair. In addition, macadamia seed oil and broccoli seed oil moisturize the hair and scalp, and the moisturizing ingredient Yuzu fruit extract protects the cuticle. Leads to smooth, soft and airy hair.

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  • Benefits


    70% or more organic content

    Naturally derived surfactants

    Not tested on animals


    Use firmer, more elastic foam

    Focuses on Asian hair types, and is recommended as a gateway to organic shampoo

    Prevents color from fading

  • Ingredients

    Featured Ingredients

    Macadamia seed oil-moisturize dry skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles

    Broccoli seed oil-rich in vitamin A and helps to smooth and tone the skin

    Aphanothece Sacrum Polysaccharides-excellent water retention capacity

    Horseradish seed oil-keep the internal tissues of the hair healthy

    Yuzu fruit extract-hair strength and cuticle improvement 
    Baobab seed oil-excellent moisturizing properties and keeps the skin healthy

    Ingredient List

    Macadamia seed oil, Broccoli seed oil, Aphanothece Sacrum Polysaccharides, Horseradish seed oil, Yuzu fruit extract, Baobab seed oil

  • How To Use


    After brushing, wet scalp and hair with lukewarm water for 1 to 2 minutes and pre-wash carefully with fingers.

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