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Combo Paddle Brush



professional quality combination-bristle hair brush

Pamper your hair with this professional-quality paddle brush with both ionic bristles and 100% natural boar bristles. Ionic bristles infused with tourmaline create negative ions to help dry hair faster, while 100% boar bristles naturally collect excess buildup on the hair and gently distribute natural oils produced by the scalp. The combination of bristles penetrates deeper into hair for quicker, more effective brushing. And the handle is ergonomically designed from lightweight, eco-friendly bamboo for effortless handling. Bamboo is a natural product, so handle color may vary.


  • ideal for thick hair
  • superior styling results
  • faster drying
  • lightweight bamboo handle
  • bamboo is stronger, lighter, and more durable than wood, and a more environmentally-friendly resource


  • increases shine by smoothing the hair cuticle
  • ionic bristles help dry hair faster
  • high-quality boar bristles collect excess buildup on the hair
  • finished handle designed for efficient styling


  • handle is made from lightweight, eco-friendly bamboo
  • ionic pad and bristles are infused with tourmaline
  • reinforced bristles are 100% natural boar bristles

care & maintenance

• Manually remove hair, lint and other debris from bristles to avoid accumulation and keep the brush clean
• Rinse in warm water mixed with any John Masters Organics Body Wash or shampoo
• Do not clean brushes with alcohol or overexpose to products containing alcohol, as that can cause deterioration



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