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“The quest for something special, something unique” --- John Masters Organics is joining hands with Something Else,  to bring a unique and commemorate gift for your loved ones, whether it is just another day or a celebration.  Discover how you can express love in your own special way at our Sun Street Pop-up Store from September 1 – December 15, 2018.

 Workshops available in September 

The Secrets to Healthy Looking Skin and Hair Workshop – Sep 4 (Tuesday)

Join professional eco-friendly Makeup Artist Alexandra Wilde and Certified Consultant Trichologist Andrea Clarke for an evening of green beauty tricks and tips to getting beautiful glowing skin and silky flowing locks. With a focus on avoiding harsh chemicals and toxins, Ali and Andrea will guide you on what natural products, ingredients, supplements and foods you can use to look and feel your absolute best.  Alexandra will talk through the ingredients she looks to avoid in her makeup kit and will give a live demonstration on how to correctly apply natural makeup using the best brands in the green beauty industry. Andrea will talk about the key to good hair health, natural remedies for achieving glossy locks and will demonstrate a quick and easy hairstyle that you can replicate at home. 

Time: 19:00 - 20:30

Fee: free


All attended guests will receive product samples that suit your skin or hair and a tin of limited-edition John Masters Organics tea leaves. 


Slow Dating with Mindful Movement – Sep 6 (Thursday)

Modern dating can be tough. If you own a smartphone, you’re carrying a 24-7 singles bar in your pocket. With the seemingly endless supply of singles and waves of notifications and matches, the sea of fish could cause us anxiety and stress, making it harder to truly connect and build authentic relationships. But we want to change all that. We want to cultivate genuine relationships, be it a friendship or relationship, we want to get to know ourselves and others with no expectations and an open heart. Contrary to speed-dating events and on-demand swiping and matching, Slow dating looks beyond seeking a mate, it is a fun practice of being real and expand our capacity to love whether we are partnered or single.

Slow down and come join us for an evening of meditation, story-sharing, mindful-dating tips and exercises that are free of tinder, alcohol or ego. Mindful Movement will give you mindful dating tips on how to overcome anxiety while making meaningful connections. Exercises are fun, slightly physical, and infused with positive relating skills.

Time: 19:00 – 20:00

Fee: HKD400


All attended guests will receive product samples that suit your skin or hair and a tin of limited-edition John Masters Organics tea leaves. 


Holistic Living with Natalie Soderstrom and Flora Chan – Sep 15 (Saturday)

Natalie Soderstrom is a holistic health coach and a yoga instructor. Flora Chan is the founder of wellbeing jewellery brand FLO JEWELLERY and a certified life coach. Together, they will share about holistic living and how our energy system can affect physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

They will share their top 10 tips to live a holistic and more balanced life with some interactive activities. All these tips are easy ways to be more healthy and connect further with oneself on all different levels. The tips can be taken away with you and easily implemented into your life straight away. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring or hard!

By learning the 90/10 concept and how our thought forms affect our health, we can make new healthy habits last and allow ourselves to explore the infinite possibilities within and increase our capacity for love, joy and wellbeing.

This workshop might help you:

o learn more about where you are in all aspects of life

o unleash the power to direct your own life

o empower yourself in all aspects of life

o find your inner balance

o explore the seven energy centers and your energetic anatomy

o discover your path of healing and spiritual growth

o learn practical tips to feel better emotionally, spiritually, and physically

Time: 11:00 - 12:30

Fee: free 


All attended guests will receive product samples that suit your skin or hair and a tin of limited-edition John Masters Organics tea leaves. 


Autumn Skin Beauty & Meditation Workshop – Aug 19 (Wednesday)

Autumn is coming, having moisturising and glowing skin is one of the ultimate goals for all of us. In this workshop, our skincare expert will do a skin consultation for each of you, and share some beauty tips with you to enhance your skin’s translucency through experiencing John Masters Organics products.

We will also have a meditation session to calm your body and mind, which helps you to improve your skin conditions, overall health and entire being. Trudy Tong, the founder of Artisoul, will guide a meditation with Heart Imagery techniques helping you to calm your body and mind, which helps you to improve your skin conditions, overall health and entire being.

Session 1: 14:30 – 16:00

Session 2: 16:30 – 18:00

Fee: free


All attended guests will receive product samples that suit your skin or hair and a tin of limited-edition John Masters Organics tea leaves. 


“Nourish me!” De-stress & recharge yourself workshop – Sep 29 (Sat)

by Lychee Vitchen & Louise Pang 

Most of us are leading a very busy life and we all have got used to it. We are stressful, tired. We feel lethargic... shall we take a break? Dears, don’t forget we need to nourish ourselves from inside out and let our inner beauty and happiness flow.

In this workshop, Louise will guide us to give ourselves and your partner a nice, relaxing hand and shoulder massage with John Masters Organics 100% Argan oil mixed with other natural essential oils. You will feel totally relieved and free from stress after the massage.

Alice, founder of Lychee Vitchen, will then show you how to make a delicious raw vegan smoothie with nourishing ingredients. This workshop will definitely make you feel your every cell is recharged and filled with joy.

Time: 14:30 – 16:00

Fee: HKD100



 About Sun Street Pop-up

Address: G/F, 5 Sun Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel: +852-2461-3200

Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm


About Partners

Something Else

To celebrate, to commemorate, to express love, appreciation and gratitude, gift-giving is an unique expression of emotion and sentiment that is often a daunting task for many – the quest for something special, something unique, something that surprises. All gifts created by Something Else are unique and carefully personalized. Based on each special occasion, contents of each “care package” are carefully curated and everything can be personalized down to the smallest detail.

Phoebe Fung, Founder of Something Else, worked as visual merchandiser at Jimmy Choo, founded private kitchen Hous, and currently is focusing on her new role as mother to Baby Clare and on Something Else.

Alexandra Wilde

Alexandra is a Hong Kong based professional makeup artist with a passion for health and wellbeing, specialise in organic and natural makeup and skincare. After training with the prestigious Make Up Forever Academy, she went on to paint the faces of models, supermodels, celebrities and private clients in Hong Kong and London. Alexandra always focus on enhancing her clients natural features, giving them confidence in their own skin rather than to mask any perceived imperfections, and using products that work to promote good health and general wellbeing.

Andrea Clark

Andrea Clarke, a hairloss and scalp specialist, also a certified consultant Trichologist. Member of the International Association of Trichologists. originally from Melbourne, living and working in Hong Kong since 2007 with over 30 years in the hair and beauty industry, Andrea has experienced hair loss and scalp conditions herself over the years so understands how it can affect one's confidence. She studied and completed a comprehensive 2-year Trichol- ogy course having been inspired by meeting the late Philip Kingsley, world-renowned hair and scalp specialist.

Natalie Soderstorm

Natalie is a yoga teacher, holistic health coach and well-entrepreneur. Her passion is deeply rooted in health and wellness, from kale salads to gong baths, meditation to acupressure, yoga to hormone health. With a child-like curiosity and hunger to know more in how we can optimize our wellbeing and be deeper connected with ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Connecting the dots between mind, body and spirit and with a clear mind and vital body we can achieve anything!


Flora Chan is a certified life coach and a mom-preneur who founded FLO JEWELLERY - a brand that aims to empower, inspire and enlighten people through jewellery. Since her childhood, Flora has always been seeking answers to some big life questions and in the recent ten years, she has been learning different healing modalities to bring balance to life with physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. She believes that life is a journey and that her life mission is to bring hope and positivity to people.

Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement is a platform where they provide Meditation for Modern People. A community of Hong Kongers that come together to meditate and share meaningful experiences.


Artisoul is a platform where we promote and share the love for animals, crystals and mother earth. The founder, Trudy is a certified Heart Imagery Teacher of The School of The Heart and provide various meditation workshops and healing sessions for individuals and corporates including Paypal and Pepsico etc. Trudy is also a crystal healing facilitator and hand-made crystal jewellery designer, providing crystal healing and bespoke crystal jewellery for clients to suit their needs. 

Lychee Vitchen

Vitchen stands for “vegan kitchen”. Lychee Vitchen is a plant-based, living food kitchen aims at introducing a healthy diet to enhance your energy and benefit your optimal health.Founder of Lychee Vitchen, Alice Au who is also a vegan lifestyle vlogger, is passionate in creating raw vegan recipes to inspire health pursuers to bring living food energy to our daily lives.

Louise Pang

Louise Pang is a full time healing facilitator, she offers healing sessions and meditation classes for both private and group clients.  She is specialised in family relationships and trauma issues. Louise began her journey in the 90s and has studied and researched different healing modalities such as Animal Communication and aromatherapy.  She is a sought-after Tarot Reader for corporate social events, such as Audemars Piquet, Discovery Network Corporate, Swire Coca Cola HK Limited and English Town, to name a few.


*Registration will be on the first-come-first-serve basis. John Masterstm Organics reserved the final rights of all registration.

*For inquiry, please send email to


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